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Originally Posted by Poor Wandering One View Post
This is very much the sense I'm getting in what I've studied so far. Given that color fidelity is so hit and miss when dealing with cards printed via a variety of methods that span decades, I'm not altogether convinced that the symbolism of the card is as relevant as it seems. With printing anomalies, it seems very easy to assign a great deal of import to a color or detail that wasn't even part of the original image and is only an artifact introduced somewhere in process of mass marketing cards.
Well , I was going to leave you in the quagmire of 'go look it up in the Thoth threads' but ...

One hits the same problem. Even scrupulously following the colour schemes and using the same range of paints and colour names the as the artist used ... sometimes it just looks crap.

The execution requires some artistic license (IMO the same goes for any magical art - mandalas, talismans, etc. ).

To study and understand colour correspondences (as weird as this might sound) I believe it is better to do it 'in the mind' ... ie, from the text, as one can make any colour in the mind a lot easier than mixing it and again a LOT easier than getting the colour right in printing.

Text ? ? ?

Try this one:

page 75 (XV) - 85.
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