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Originally Posted by Poor Wandering One View Post
This is, in fact, my suspicion. Though, I can see how they can see blue in that image you posted--which just leads to my other suspicion, that's it's easy to assign importance and to see links to other cards through image details that were never part of the original work in the first place. Given that, I don't know that I'll find the color symbolism all that important. Or maybe I'll get attached to an imaginary detail that will mean a great deal to me that nobody else would notice or care about. I find other people's interpretations of cards interesting, but ultimately, if tarot is going to be a personal tool for introspection, then the details are only as meaningful as I can find meaning in them.

At this point in my studies, I am interested in the intended meanings of the symbols. Whether I'll actually find any of that personally meaningful of not is another matter entirely.
Then I would NOT suggest Waite ... he felt he had to deliberately mask the meaning of the more important ones .... or just put them there with no real comment.

Besides, if you want a wisdom teaching, why choose Waite's ? Do you even know what it is ? I dont . Well, I have a bit of an idea, but IMO its a big mish-mash of his teachings, dreams, insights, illusions and mixed up with repressed Catholicism, which he embraced and modified at the same time and requires navigation through obscure and masked Waitesville. * I'd suggest, if you want a wisdom tarot teaching to use GD, Thoth, or another related deck (maybe Case's or even Mythic).

* If you do want to take that journey , I suggest you get some background on 'his tradition'. Maybe start here ? >
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