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Originally Posted by JoannaCrystal View Post
Hi there Joss 😊

Before I start every reading I do some deep breaths cleaning my head, feeling my body and I imagine as if a light (any color you want, mine is white and gold) came down from the heaven into my head, fill my body with that light and I also imagine like I'm in a bubble of that same light!
Then I ask God to enlighten me, to protect me and connect me with my intuition, and after I ask my guide to guide me during the reading!
After the reading I hold the deck on my hands and I say thank for being with me during the reading and that's it 😊
I'm very curious about your new experience tho! If you feel comfortable sharing with me what you felt I would love to hear your story 😊

Much light for you

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Hi JoannaCrystal,

Thank you for this - this is very helpful indeed!

Much appreciated and I will PM you to tell you a bit more.

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