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Anyone with access to the venerable journal "Archaeologia", volume 8 (1787) can assist this project of collecting 18th century historians of playing cards. There are three articles in English on playing cards there -

Barrington, Daines, "Observations on a picture by Zuccaro from Lord Falkland's collection supposed to represent the Game of Primero". pp. 133-146

Bowle, John, "Observations on card-playing By the Reverend Mr. Bowle. In a letter to the Hon. Daines Barrington". pp.147-151

Gough, Richard, "Some observations on the invention of cards and their introduction into England". pp. 152-164

This article in the same volume might mention playing cards -

Willett, Ralph, "Observations on the origin of printing. In a letter to Owen Salusbury Brereton" pp. 239-250

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