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Ludy Lescot -the sevens

Seven of Wands: He is fighting in a forest which seems to be on fire. There are just six wands and only six trees on the background so where is the seventh? Maybe he himself is meant to be the seventh? Neither the fight nor the forest fire look very serious, at this point anyway.

Seven of Swords: He is sitting in a big and beautiful hall with weapons on the wall and a glass painting at the back of teh huge room. The picture in the glass painting looks like the traditional RWS Seven of Swords. He has a lamp on the table but also a candle on the floor. Maybe he has walked here along the dark corridors of his castle in the middle of the night to check something out in his blueprints and he has needed the candle for that walk? Or maybe the blueprints belong to someone else and he should´t be looking at them at all? The black cat and the lamp both look like in the Hermit but the man looks different.

Seven of Chalices:A beautiful lady is leaning on a mirror and she looks very sad. She has been reading a letter which is now on the floor. Maybe it is a letter from the man in the mirror? The skeleton in the mirror could be her own and maybe the man seen in the mirror is the one she has been mourning in many cards already? (4 of Swords, 5 of Chalices). Maybe the mirror is a door to the otherworld?
There are seven chalices here but one is hidden behind the woman. She has lovely mermaid/fish shoes.

Seven of Pentacles: I thought this was also a mirror but it looks like a window that is reflecting her face. The seven lavender roses represent the seven pentacles. She is inside the same castle we have seen in other cards as well. The grey stone wall and the stone floor look cold and hard but the gilded chair she is sitting on has a soft and warm coloured seat. Is she contemplating escape through the open window?
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