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just stepping in...

hello everyone, forgive me if I'm intrudeing on your sacred triangle- but I was so moved by what I have read so far! This is amazing what you all are expiriencing and developing within you as well as what is being sent out to others from you.

Jewel my love, I adore your passion for your tree and the great well of love you have for him, but my dear hes telling you to let HIM go, it will soon be his time. He loves your fighting spirit but you're draining yourself for naught. Eveything has its time. Also Rarr I think is very special for you at this time of you and your tree. Tap into that more, throw away the confusions and just go with it ((HUGS)) All things will work out

Kahlie how lovely to se your energy abounding again! I spoke to you of your website recently and it really is fabulous You are leading this group with such carisma and devotion bless xx

goldenchylde how great your creativity as well with your writing, NEVER doubt your abilities as a writer. There will always be at least 1 person that will benefit from your words and THAT ALONE is worth it all.

I dont think you all realize that by learning to start to heal yourselves, you are helping to heal each other as well. You are being opened up and primed for a beneficial use to all, as Rarr said ASCENDING into a higher sttae of consiousnesss of learning, healing AND giving to yourself and others. This done at all times is what brings HUGE benefits around the globe. Keep retraining your minds you are all takeing fantastic steps- congratulations on a fantastic journey thus far
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