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Originally Posted by Kahlie
As far as I can see, me and goldnchyl are busy with scheduling issues....
I wasn't aware what you wanted to work on. It seems mostly grounding/centering/connecting.
Yes these things would be very appropriate for me, and shielding. I have always had a problem with shielding and it takes heavy tolls on me physically (drains me). Just ask Faunabay, she has tried to help me with this for years now. I have no problem connecting it is disconnecting. It is as tendrils of others emotions latch on to my energy and slowly siphon the energy from me.

Thank you so much for sending me energy, I was wondering why I felt so refreshed this morning. I appreciate it more than you will ever know. I will go visit your website to learn more about shielding.

Originally Posted by sunshinelvr
Jewel my love, I adore your passion for your tree and the great well of love you have for him, but my dear hes telling you to let HIM go, it will soon be his time. He loves your fighting spirit but you're draining yourself for naught. Eveything has its time. Also Rarr I think is very special for you at this time of you and your tree. Tap into that more, throw away the confusions and just go with it ((HUGS)) All things will work out.
Sunshinelvr ... I do believe you are right about Arbolon's message. Yesterday, when I spent time with him, he was very still and quiet.

I am not sure I am really connecting with the Rarr, more like being overwhlemed by him. I read your thread, and the Rarr in my world is not peaceful at all. Perhaps it is because I do not fully unerstand his message and he keeps trying to get my attention. To me he is more like a whirlwind of incessant energy ... like the golden snitch as someone else put it. He darts around in a blaze of hyperactivity and things start happening all around me at once ... But I know Arbolon needs the Rarr, but obviously I do not know how to channel it into Arbolon and away from me. I am a firm believe that while there is life, there is hope so I will not loose hope for Arbolon until he is no more. I don't mean to hang on tightly, but not loose hope ... does that make sense?

Goldenchilde, you keep writting! I agree with Sunshinlvr. If what you write touches the life of one single person, which I am sure it will, then it is invaluable. What are you writting about?

I do not come online on weekends, so after today I will check back in on Monday.
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