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Group Energy Exercise

Group Energy Exercise

Please note: Do not do this exercise when you are tired if you don't have much experience in Energy Work. This exercise is based on sending energy, moving energy and expanding energy in a group. Because of this, you can deplete yourself if you are unaware of how to move energy.

Short Version:
* Sit comfortably and continue breathe in and out deeply
* Imagine a triangle with yourself at the point
* At the other points, you can see the other group members
* In the middle, you spot the Rarr glowing a bright energy
* Imagine the Rarr filling you up with Healing Energy until you are overflowing
* Watch that overflowing Energy spread out from you to both the other members
* See the Triangle glowing completely with energy
* Feel how the energy ripples back from the other members into you as you now receive the Healing Energy Back
* Watch how the Energy moves and swirls between the Group
* Close off and come back to yourself
* Jump around a bit or eat a snack and be sure to drink a glass of water!
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