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I wonder if Lee and others could write a few articles...

...I saw a review of a tarot conference in New York on TarotPassages where they said they used Lee's tarot to play Tarot Rummey...I'd be interested in reading about that...

...and maybe the 2007 Llewellyn Tarot Reader or other magazines could have a few articles by Lee or others on their use of the Gay Tarot...that might assist bringing a book together...

I haven't yet defined my use of this deck. I like this deck and the Pagan Tarot for their 'everyday' setting--I noticed there's a kind of twentieth-to-twenti-first century flavor that make these good decks to blend in with other mixed deck readings....I'm eagerly waiting for the 78 Doors to use as a blended mix of two deck readings with the Gay Tarot. The everyday flavor of the Gay Tarot and the fanciful flavor of the 78 Doors might be fun...(I'm not into the Witchy Tarot theme by the same artist). When I get both decks together, I'd love to write up on that experiment...

In the same way, I also use the Pagan Tarot with the Olympus because I like the art style of the artist and having modern and Greek Godlings interact Western settings.

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