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2006 Campaign for the Book continues ...

Lee, and other supporters of a companion book.

I wrote a note to LS and recieved the following reply....

Dear Robin,

I'm sorry but at the moment, no book on the Gay Tarot has been planned.
We understand how the book could be interesting, and rewarding, however.

Anyway, if such a book is going to be done, the person who could and
should write it is Lee Bursten.
If he wishes to create such a book, we would be happy to consider it.

Best regards,

Riccardo Minetti
Lo Scarabeo

So Lee, do you have a Tarot Book inside waiting to jump onto the pages? I would buy it on spec, and since last year, I hope you have rested enough since the creation of the deck to consider putting a project together to create the book. We on the forum would help if you wish?


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