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A long and windy road... ^_^

I work here and I must admit I don't really understand LS policy toward books.
Maybe because we are necessarily contracdictory...

Main discussion in general sense toward the books are:
- we don't yet know if books are profitable or they are not.
- books enter only a very limited market... i.e. English speaking countries.
- books are a often a pain, as no one of us is qualified to work with written word.
- books do not sell alone, but just as part of set editions.
- we can do a limited number of books, every year. Which ones? Should we do the best decks, the best selling decks, the decks that more need a book to be understood... ?
- should we do a book when a deck is created or later, once we "know" about the deck

Obviously I don't have answers... but the questions are always that.
We quite liked the Gay Tarot. It felt "good" in many a way.
Obviusly we can't stand Lee as a writer, and a person (hi hi ^^).

So we shall consider it.
And we will see.


(20 minutes away from holiday break)
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