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Truly and I hate to tell you this but I have suffered terribly from this since my very first one at aged 12, the only thing that worked for me was having children. It helped for a while then came back I had another child went away for a bit came back again. In between I had a curette at 15, tried the pill which just didn't work for me I had periods that lasted over two months. I had painkillers that were for arthritis that I had to take four days before I was due to start. I had the abalation two years ago but I am 50 so I understand your not wanting one but OMG the freedom! I don't have them anymore and it is fantastic! I truly thought I would have to have a hysterectomy but I didn't want to as of the moody menopause thing, I have only so far just started the hot flushes which I take evening primrose oil for and it works. I also suggest seeing a Gynaecologist if you haven't already as Dr's just don't get it, one a woman said to me oh your nearly 50 it will stop soon I had to miss out on days of work because I couldn't be away from the toilet they just don't understand. I wish you luck on your journey it's a hard one and nothing to be embarrassed about
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