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Moon 8 card spread

Did you incorporate some of Dane Rudhyar's philosophy concerning the 8 moons in your page or two analysis of the spread ? Seems like a great spread.

Found this by Dane Rudhyar (from The Lunation Cycle)....think it can be applied in general to the spread

" At the New Moon, the Moon is united, as it were, with the Sun (i.e., in conjunction). It is being impregnated by the ray of the Sun. This ray of spirit impresses upon it a new purpose, a new act of spiritual will, a new creative impulse — indeed, a new answer to a vital need which had become outstanding at the close of the lunation cycle just ended.

Spirit is that which provides answers to every vital need, solutions to the pressing problems of living organisms and human personalities born of the earth. But these answers to needs and prayers, these spirit-emanated solutions must be made understandable and acceptable for human beings. They must be formed or formulated as new techniques, new organizations, new words, ideas or laws. It is as the light of the Moon waxes toward Full Moon that this process of organic and social formation or intellectual-mental foundation takes place.

At Full Moon, this process reaches a climax and fulfillment or else the failure of the process is revealed and separation or disintegration begins. If there has been fulfillment, then the purpose released at the New Moon, as an act of spirit and a creative impulse from the heart of the Sun, now becomes a conscious realization, an objective image, a clear concept, a "vision" or illumination. As the light of the Moon wanes, what has been fully realized has to be disseminated. The consciousness of the illumined individual, of the clear mind is to be spread among men. New systems, new meanings, new philosophies are to be built.

The individual can live consciously what he "saw" because his mind, once truly awakened or illumined, has power over material substances and organic processes, because the clearly realized meaning can indeed transform both the past — which, by becoming significant, is entirely renewed or "redeemed" — and the future — which is determined according to the character of the understanding (positive or negative, constructive or destructive, as the case may be) which the individual has extracted from his previous experiences.

What has been left undone during a cycle is responsible for new needs or problems arising as the last phases of the lunation cycle occur. The failures have to be dissolved, the inertia challenged; the ineffectual techniques have to be given up. The last quarter phase of the lunation cycle is filled with revolutionary challenges, reform, self-overcoming, self-sacrifice; these total up to new essential needs, for which the creative Sun-ray, impregnating the Moon at the New Moon, will once more give solutions and harmonizing, healing answers. "

Thanks again for the spread !!!
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