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Re: Good news!

Originally posted by retrokat

On the not-so-good news side, there was another (rather lame) attempt at pirating the deck recently. Sadly, by someone who'd been in contact with me to ask when it would be coming out & to tell me how she couldn't wait (errr... so she didn't!). Luckily my vigilant supporters let me know immediately and in droves when it appeared for sale on the web, so USGS got to know about it and take action.
I don't understand this sort of thing. The deck, when published, will be in a much higher resolution with ALL the cards and a proper book with all these fantastic art references. Why don't people just wait and buy it when ready from the proper source?

The one good thing about having US Games behind you Kat is that they are a professional publishing firm with years of experience fighting plagiarism and copyright infringement.

Hey, guess what? I recently told someone I had 13 decks, and when I thought about I only have 12, but I've already slotted The Golden Tarot in my mind as my thirteenth deck even though I have to wait 10 months to buy it. The waiting is a pleasure!

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