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will look at mirrors yet its a few tenants across and below me friends together. who thump and slam things problem is things may break due to impact noise this has happened many times.

I have fools gold placed at foot of bed yet im worried its just reflecting back at me.
I have some stones in bedroom yet not for noise. labradorite and strawberry quartz for love.

a large rock to throw might be an idea! size recommendations below and sources please! kidding!

I do have some blue lace agate yet never use it. I have some hot foot powder and some justice oil. I need to buy some other things to get rid of them. as they keep vanishing and coming back. seems to work for a while then they return.shame its not a permanent solution.

fools gold foot of bed not working at all still neighbor banging wall with bicycle and fists outside my door.cant have a bicycle as dont own apartment. yet they have theirs all locked downstairs. I have to move if I want a bicycle. silly isnt it! They wont remove the bikes as they say oh we are using them! yet they dont use them only the ones they have in the apartment. a case of being awkward to annoy people.

I threw hotfoot under their bikes once and within days they got their bikes taken away.
I so need more of that powder.a tanker of it blocking their doors! now get in.
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