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Originally Posted by Eruditus
Either way, I believe the contradictions or errors are intentional. Whether or not they're put there to enlighten or befuddle, I still don't know. Then again, on further thought, I suppose they could be mistakes. After all, these guys are still humans.
It's worth bearing in mind how very reticent Crowley was to revealing the Star / Emperor switch. Despite knowing the attribution for at least a quarter of a century he chose not to print it until near the end of his life. Even then he may have been in two minds about it.

A good example of Crowley's attitude can be found in a footnote in chapter 4 of Magick in Theory and Practice. In the main text he discusses the formula of ALHIM while using the old Emperor - Heh correspndence. The footnote reads:
The letter He is the formula of Nuith, which makes possible the process described in the previous notes. But it is not permissible here to explain fully the exact matter or manner of this adjustment. I have preferred the exoteric attributions, which are sufficiently informative for the beginner.
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