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What an interesting man. A fascinating enigma. I'm a new devotee of Mr. Crowley, but I can't wait to read all of his books.

Isn't it ironic, how conventional religions make most of their "secrets" available to their Adepts, and yet those conventional religions can be dull, false, and unsatisfying...and yet the "religions" or belief systems that really do work, consistently and with scientific fidelity of replication, make their "secrets" something that the Adept must dig up and earn? Isn't that revealing?

There isn't much esotericism in Christianity and Islam. Sure, those religions have their mystics, but for the most part all of the important doctrines are readily available to even the stupidest devotee. And yet both of these religions are inefficient and destructive.

For me, Mr. Crowley's reticence and the whole atmosphere of guardedness, plus the headiness and sheer difficulty of this art and science, confirm my belief in the existence of the super- or meta- or preternatural in a way that the conventional religions could never hope to achieve.
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