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Hi there
I am fairley new to the thoth tarot, but have studied tarot as a subject for some time.
I just wondered if the reason for the emperor tzaddi - star - heh switch could be indicative of the new aeon. After all Aliester Crowley changed certain traditional names of tarot cards to fit in with the new aeon.

my reasoning for this is that the path itself from chochmah to tiphareth wisdom to beauty could indicate the current belief systems ie the last aeon the aeon of osiris had a big daddy religion as in the christian church where people worshiped a male god (the emperor - the ruler - the lord),

The new aeon the aeon of horus (freedom,new understanding, the new hope,the new light - all attributes of the star card) becomes the new belief system.

ie the new wisdom the new beauty

and this could be why some authors of the tarot still refer to old tree of life system which was based in the previous aeon where the emperor was heh and the star tzaddi.

Alot of Crowleys work was based around the coming of the new aeon so a major change like this could indicate the coming of the new aeon (thats the one we are in now - the aeon of Horus)

As the first thing Crowley said was that tzaddi is not the star - this could mean that he already knew that the star card represented the new aeon.

Even though there is already an aeon card in the thoth tarot, which indicates rebirth, the coming of the new aeon etc - the true nature of the aeon is maybe represented in the star card ie what type of belief systems will replace the old big daddy religion.

Just a thought


crystal dawn
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