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Originally Posted by crystal dawn
I just wondered if the reason for the emperor tzaddi - star - heh switch could be indicative of the new aeon.
It most certainly could be.
Originally Posted by crystal dawn
As the first thing Crowley said was that tzaddi is not the star - this could mean that he already knew that the star card represented the new aeon.
I can agree with that in a certain sense. I will add that Crowley did not consciously know it until several years after the reception of Liber AL. His diaries show evidence of experimentation with both the old and the new attribution. After a period of time he became increasingly convinced and confident in the new attribution.
Originally Posted by crystal dawn
Even though there is already an aeon card in the thoth tarot, which indicates rebirth, the coming of the new aeon etc - the true nature of the aeon is maybe represented in the star card ie what type of belief systems will replace the old big daddy religion.
Or maybe even non-belief systems. Who knows? The Star representing Nuit is symbolic of infinite possiblities. Instead of the "one size fits all" approach of conventional religion, the new Stellar consciousness, while identical in source, is unique in expression.

The Emperor, who was symbolic of the old Sun-God and exterior worship, is moved down to the 28th path. Instead of worshiping an external father figure, divinity is recognised as being within instead of above. Consequently the repositioning of the Emperor lower down on the Tree of Life may be symbolic of the Kingly qualities of that card becoming part of the evolution of human consciousness in the New Aeon.

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