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My main stumbling block with the whole Heh - Tzaddi swap is the explanation of how it becomes evident when you place it on the path of the Zodiac with the 2 twists on it. I may be missing something, so if I am please enlighten me.

The 3 correspondences used to explain it this way are:
1) Latin Number Correspondence
2) Astrological Correspondence
3) Hebrew Correspondence

He ties the swap of Emperor and Star in with his switch (rectification) of Adjustment and Lust. The problems I have are these:

- All 4 cards maintain their astrological correspondences.
- The Latin numbers are swapped on Adjustment and Lust, but the Hebrew letters are left attached to the original card.
- Emperor and Star have their Hebrew letters swapped, but their Latin numbers are unchanged.

No matter how you lay out the cards (in a circle by Astrological, Hebrew, or Latin Correspondence), if you draw the line representing the zodiac through the pattern, you never end up with a double twist.

I guess I just don't get it. Any answers?
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