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Zombie tarot - Six of cups

Again, I am opening this with my tongue in cheek take. Other more serious, or otherwise views most definitely sought!

Okay, as a parent you might be concerned at her choice of friend, but come on - she is young and he is just a FRIEND, not someone you have to worry she might decide to marry. So don't show your feelings, and try not to stare at his left leg. It will be rude and very inappropriate. She has accepted him for what he is, and he is quite chuffed he has managed to bag an older chick - bodes well for bragging rights at school when he next sees his pals. Childhood memories are precious. They may go separate ways, lives may go down differing roads but they will always remember each other. Even zombies like a wee cuddle, and she was open to giving just that. Believe it or not, that is actually a smile on his face but with an absence of lips it is easy to misinterpret. He hasn't developed 'urges' yet, so it is a time of innocence. Oh yes. In time he may find it hard to resist that neck of hers, and when he does, a hickey will be the least of your worries. Let them enjoy the moment, as the memories will be worth their weight in gold sometime in the future.
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