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Oh; as to the robe in the 2 of swords: in the Universal it's Blue/grey. In the more traditional RWS decks, it's grey....but the great predominance of the light blue "high priestess" coloration of the sea and sky behind this person sort of makes the eye see very pale blue there's like an optical illusion....and anyway, if someone were to ask me WHAT COLOR IS THIS CARD? I'd say blue...same as the high priestess.

The card does remind me very much of the high priestess...and it IS moon in libra...sort of a cross between High Priestess and Justice. It's as if the veil of the High Priestess has suddenly been torn away...and the only thing standing between her and the vast ocean of the unconcious (or emotion) is her crossed intellect and blindfold....she's holding it back, or looking within. I love the image.
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