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This is one of a handful of verses that are recursive, i.e., they refer to the text itself. The Book is threefold, meaning it has three chapters. The simple self-definition of the text insures that no further writings can lay claim to being the 'fourth chapter' of the Book of the Law.

Although this is obviously the surface meaning of the verse, my own researches have also shown that the idea of the number 3 is embedded very deeply in the qabalah of the new aeon, as shown to Crowley later in his book Liber Trigrammaton, where 'threefold' images, (trigrams made up of three lines), are composed of the three symbols of Tao, Yang and Yin. So it is possible that the triune nature of the Book of the Law, and the three primary voices it contains, are an adumbration of a more generalized trinity to be revealed to AC in the future.
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