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Thanks for the update on the size of the Kunati deck, Kat. I do like the small size decks for small hands, but I'm sure the bigger the beautiful images are, the better! It actually doesn't matter how big or small it is, I'm sure I'll be ordering that one too as soon as it's available.

Yes, the DS does seem to be the "girly" gaming platform, doesn't it? Maybe by the time the digital version is available I'll have an iPhone. I've held off because there is basically no AT&T phone coverage at my house. We do hope to move sometime in the near future though so that's something to look forward to.

A video adventure game with the tarot involved would be so cool! Or how about a Wii version where you could use the controller (the wii-mote) in a certain way to shuffle the cards and lay them out? Then the results of the reading could lead to different paths in the game...
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