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A new spread...


I'm cleaning out the piles in my book shelf and found a spread I made a few months ago. I made it as an alteration to one I found on a web page about "Writing stories with the Tarot", the author of that article had a character spread which helped him or her to understand the characters in his or her writings better.

Well, I found it to lack some parametres that I wanted to add, so I modified it a bit, and tried it out a few times for writing stories (with a bit na´ve and shallow result, but hey... nobody's born an expert, right...?).

Now that I found it again, I realize it might work also for a general reading on a persons current situation, perhaps as an alternative to the CC spread. So here goes:


(When I lay it out, I place card 1 first, and let it be crossed in the lower side by card 2 and in the top by card 3, it makes sort of a shape "I". Then the other cards form a circle around this three-card center, two by two, on each side.)

1) Querents goal, driving force and longing.
2) Outer obstacles
3) "Inner obstacles", weaknesses
4) Inner identity, personality, values, characteristics etc.
5) Outer reality, environment etc.
6) Positive past events, happy memories etc affecting the current situation
7) Negative past events, pain and bitterness from the past, playing a role in the present
8 ) Hopes, dreams and fears
9) The querents deep dark secret (...!)
10) Plans, expectations of the future
11) Future wild card, surprises held by the Future (and therefore also an advice cards, because in relation to this card, the querent can act to control his or her future energies.)

I haven't used it yet, not as a regular spread at least. But looking at it now, I think it might just work pretty well. If you use it, please let me know if you liked it, or what felt "wrong" with it!

Light and love!
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