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Hi Everyone...

I got to thinking the other day about the way in which I usually draw the symbols and wondered if there are other ways you find successful and work for you.

I shuffle my cards with a specific question in mind, and I do this until I think I have the question 'shuffled' into the cards. Sometimes I will say the question out loud and repeat it a few times.

I then cut the cards into three piles and put them back together. I then fan the deck length wise and choose the two most central cards which are in a pair (1 red and 1 blue). If there are more than one pair of cards touching in the centre, I choose the two which stand out the most to me. I do this very quickly as if I deliberate, I am indecisive and umm and ahh over which ones to pick.

This I find is a great method for me. Theres only one thing I find frustrating.

This occurs when I want to do a spread of which has - lets say - 5 placements. Usually I have shuffled, and cut the deck into three, and then fanned them and chosen the Symbols (one set) for the first placement. Then I do the shuffling for the next placement again, fan them out and choose. This happens for every placement in the spread. It is very time consuming. I have done it this way because I thought it more thorough - using a full deck every time.

I have been working on another method of choosing the cards at the moment.
I am just experimenting with one overall question for the spread - lets say again - with 5 placements , shuffling, cutting and fanning and then choosing the 5 sets of symbols (10 cards) from the one 'fanning'.

I am aware, doing it this way, that there is not the possibility of getting the same Astrological Signs and Numbers twice, but I am seeing that the Symbols can still acurately give much definition to the spread. This is only I guess speculation - I mean - I dont know if I had would have drawn the same symbols drawing them all seperately.

Has anyone, or does anyone use this method? Do you feel that this is just as appropriate as shuffling for every placement?

Do you have any other methods of drawing the symbols for spread placements?

Any thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.

Elven x
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