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Originally Posted by Pipistrelle
How do you select your symbols for readings? Currently, I have fallen into a method of dealing all the cards out in to rows - red ones together, blue ones together, no particular number of cards in each row. Then I choose a red one and a blue one at random. My rational mind tells me this is a stupid method, however, so far (3 draws) the results have been very interesting.
I agree with mooncat2, I dont think it studid either, and I dont think it matters how you draw them!
I shuffle and cut for the question, then I kind of splay them out in a line in one swoop. Which ever two red and blue are touching each other and in my 'special spot' (the same spot on my cloth each time) - then thats the two I pick up. It works for me, but I think everyone has a diferent method of choosing the Symbols. What ever you feel comfortable with is the right way!
Just to let you, I like your method!

Originally Posted by Pipistrelle
Has anyone else noticed correspondences between elements of sabian symbols and tarot cards where they are drawn together? For example, yesterday my symbol was Gemini 9 (Air) and my tarot card Queen of Swords (Air). Today, my symbol was Scorpio 26 (Water) and my tarot card King of Cups. It's possible these are just two coincidences but it's interesting nonetheless.
Sometimes I take notice of this because it does happen, just like sometimes I'll draw a Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo card and then a pentacle with pop up, or the same number degree and the same number card. Im not very good with Astrology, but I do Numerology and I find that when they do corespond numerically, I can add another layer to the reading.

I have a few readings I could look up and see if they correspond, just out of interest, but I think MCsea has done quite a few readings, maybe she could shed some light on it.

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