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Shuffling cards

I reckon it doesn't matter how you shuffle or lay out the cards - the Symbols ensure you get the Symbol you need. I feel that very strongly. When I do my lectures I always say "there's only one rule and that is that there are no rules" - familiar rule for sure, but it especially applies to the Symbols (well, probably to all oracles, I imagine). I said many times that you could "stand on your head and juggle and think of a number and it would work"....

Having said that, it's great to have your own rituals around what you do. The rituals help you to 'cement' the act in your mind and heart. This gives more power to the act because we come at it with reverence or structure (words escape me here for the moment). Some people keep the red and blue cards sepapate, some people don't. I'm sure some people don't particularly trust the Oracle up on my website as it's computer generated. For me, there are no 'mistakes'... but I fully encourage people to do what they like doing with them. Drawing Oracles 'should' (don't like that word particularly!) have a sense of reverence and ritual.

But truly, it doesn't matter how you pull a Symbol.

Here's something I wrote that you might enjoy. Interesting that the 'Open Grave" - Taurus 5 - degree keeps coming up - (I'm so often drawn to it).

"One such time was during a workshop I was giving on the Symbols in the mid 70’s in New Zealand. During the first part of my lecture, a woman at the back of the class asked if she could use numerology to come up with a Sabian Symbol. The woman was in her mid 50’s, blonde and pretty and had her daughter sitting next to her. I replied that it didn’t matter what system one used to come up with a Symbol, there would be meaning in it. I continued on and some minutes later, huge peals of laughter came from the back of the room. I said “come on now, you’ve got to tell us what you’re laughing about!” She told the class that she’d added up the numbers in her name and it came to 35. She’d looked up the Sabian Symbol on page 35 and the Symbol was so extraordinary to her that she just exploded, laughing. The Symbol is Taurus 5: A Youthful Widow, Fresh and Soul Cleansed From Grief, Kneels at an Open Grave to Discover the Secret of Eternal Life. Her husband had been generous enough to build a coffin for her! Her daughter was in hysterics, as you can probably imagine. The woman said that the coffin was stored in their garage and every time she drove in and out of the garage, she was confronted by her own coffin. I said “that’s very nice of him, why on earth did he do that?” She said it was to save money and added that he’d built one for himself, so their two coffins stood on end, side-by-side in her garage. Needless to say, she was brought face-to-face with her own mortality every time she saw the coffins."

That was a moment I'll never forget!

Greetings from DownUnder
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