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Originally Posted by Sunflowr
You shuffle the red and blue cards together? Hmm, interesting! And I like this "special spot" on your cloth. Is that for every reading (like even with tarot?)?
Hi Sunflowr, I just wanted to say, that this method of drawing the symbols took me about 6-12 months to come across and about another couple of weeks to feel confident with. I tried lots of different methods before I decided on this one. I still only cut the deck once for each set of questions, but shuffle for each seperate question.
I shuffle both colours together too.

Thats the fun part though, you really can interact with the symbols the way that you want.

Tarot is different for me. I shuffle, cut into 3 piles with my left hand, put them back together with my left hand, and deal with my left hand. If Im drawing a Tarot card for a Symbol its the same, I just take the first card off the top of the Tarot deck for it.

As Lynda, says, theres no one way you should do it. All the ways I tried worked, I just found I liked the method I chose out of all of them

Elven x
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