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Originally Posted by zan_chan
Thanks - I'm thrilled to finally be working with it! It still stands as the only deck that, upon its arrival, I laid out suit by suit all at once on my floor, looking over each card, just delighted with its whimsy and its colors and the wonderful ways the folks at MRP fit the Grandville illustrations into the traditional RWS meanings

I did my first reading for someone else with it yesterday and it went just swimmingly. I think we're going to get on great!

Part of my trouble with the BG/VR, by comparison, is that each illustration is from a different unknown source. As just a reading deck, there isn't any trouble with that, but as a study deck, it lacks a coherency and a clear study topic for me to go as obsessively in-depth as I demand of an IDS.

But again, just my opinions and who am I? The point is that you enjoy it, and you find your study path with it
Yes, I understand.

As for the FM... you're making me really curious about it. Will dig it out today and have a closer look.

You MIGHT have convinced me about the Masters though. Will be back later.
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