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The non-senic decks, and (sorry) a bit of a rant.

Bumping this interesting thread.

However I'm dismayed to discover that people are incorporating RWS meanings in non-senic pip decks for the elements, and even linking the pips to RW-meaning trumps!

These non-senic pip decks existed long before RWS etc. and I cannot understand why we, with access to all the historical research findings via the internet, have not grasped the original 'element' meanings and applied them to our 'historical' tarot decks, or at least given them some consideration, some recognition.

For divination purposes, I understand that it doesn't really matter what method is used, so long as the deck 'speaks' to the reader. But it would be so nice to have a few methods/systems completely free of last centurys' 'modern popular take' on these decks.

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