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Nisaba: I went Coins = Earth/material, Cups = Water/emotional, Swords = air/intellectual and Wands = Fire/activity.
This is one of the things I was ranting about because they arn't the original meanings of the Elements, these are the popular/modern 'elements' of the last century. And due to 'new age esoteric tarot' exposure, it's become like second nature for many of us to equate the element names (Fire, Water etc) with their physical counterparts, and is even spoken of as 'traditional' - note that I don't exclude myself here.

Truly, my tarot meanings have developed from various sources, a veritable mish-mash that works fine for divination purposes, but much of which is quite divorced from the roots of early historical cards, their usage & values.

Welding the trump cards to the pip & court deck was a grand idea, but the evolution of this 78 card deck has almost obliberated it's origins. And that's sad.

So ......... this is why I haunt these valuable history threads, sifting the gold-dust to recover richness from the past.

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