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Originally posted by Tarotphelia The 7 of Wands is a card of victory over obstacles, while the 9 of Wands is about defense , fear, & guardianship .
Um, but isn't 6/wands more "Victory"? 7/Wands doesn't promise you'll win, merely that you'll put your back to the wall and fight.

AOIFE: You've been offered some really good insites--I especially like Jema's idea of 9/wands as space. But you know, your original assessment was pretty dead on: the difference is in how energy is used. With 7, you're embattled, overwhelmed--so you fight back with all the energy in you. Fierce, desperate energy--you're not going to give up!

"No surrender!" says 7/Wands, or "You'll never take me alive, coppers!"

9/wands, on the other hand, suggests exhaustion, a profound desire to surrender. You WANT to give up, but you've got to hold out, protect the fort for this one last night. If attacked, you may end up doing a 7/wands. But right now, you're reserving your energy, trying to just stay on your feet till morning--trying to not toss down that wand, and walk out with hands raised, "I give up! Take it, it's yours!"

I would add that 9/wands also suggests to me that success, or achiving a goal, is very near--if the person can hold out. Whereas with 7/wands, the results are still up in the air. You can hold your ground, never give up, but that doesn't mean you'll win in the end. In certain layouts, 7/Wands might even suggest that a person is wrong for not giving in. Afterall, people were willing to fight and die to keep schools segregated--to oppose integration. I'm sure they felt as embattled as any 7/Swords, as willing to stand their ground--but that didn't make them right nor, in the end, victorious.
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