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Just my opinion. The situation on the 2 of swords is not that static. Things will change one day or another. There are 2 thoughts, feelings oposed but sooner or later the light of decision will come. Mentally, we feel as in the dark, the night. Still, the moon reflecting the sun's light is giving us a clue that a solution is ready to come to us as a ray of light.

On the other side, I think the moon at the feet of the High priestess is a more mystical moon. Moon was always related to women. Please take a look at Aphrodita (goddess of love). Besides Moon represents one of the two columns B and J the high priestess is seated between. Column J represents the beauty, the female, the moon and the left column in the tree of life of the Kaballah. Means a spiritual, mistical face of the human being, almost always related to the woman.

To resume. IMO there are 2 different meanings to the moon in those 2 cards.
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