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Concrete examples of what the courts can mean

Hello, I'm new to the Thoth and like many others struggling with the courts. It is intersting to read about ideas like "water of fire", and all these elemental intricacies but auuuughhhh it isn't really helping me read the cards. (Just trying to use RWS meanings hasn't worked well. It is hard for me to see the Thoth knights as RWS kings because they look so much more dynamic.)

Can anyone give examples of what they think the Thoth courts can mean in a reading? What are people doing when they act like the Thoth courts, or what kind of "moment" does the court card indicate?

For example, in an RWS based reading if I see the Page of Pentacles it could mean someone is making the first steps in preparation for a new endeavor or it could mean a studious, preparatory moment, or energy.

If someone tells me something that gives me insight into someone's emotional depths (or my own) that is the Page of Cups.

The Thoth courts are so intense looking but the meanings seem more abstract with all this talk of sub elements so it is hard to get them to mean something in a reading.

Any help would be appreciated!
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