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Thoth court

Here's how they are quickly captured in The Tarot Handbook by Angeles Arrien:

Swords = Mental Mastery
Knight = Mastery of Passionate Thinking and Intentionality
Queen = Mastery of Objective Thinking and Clarity
Prince = Mastery of Creative and Intuitive Thinking
Princess = Mastery of Practical Thinking

Cups = Emotional Mastery
Knight = Mastery of Emotional Loyalty and Commitment
Queen = Mastery of Emotional Integrity
Prince = Mastery of Emotional Desire
Princess = Mastery of Emotional Objectivity

Wands = Spiritual Mastery
Knight = Mastery of Vision and Vitality
Queen = Mastery of Self-Knowledge
Prince = Mastery of Inspired Creativity
Princess = Mastery of Spontaneous Expression and Liberation

Disks/Pentacles = Physical Mastery
Knight = Mastery of Abundance and Prosperity
Queen = Mastery of Diet and Nutrition
Prince = Mastery of Exercise and Builder of New Worlds
Princess = Mastery of Creativity and Birth of New Forms
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