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Originally Posted by MikeTheAltarboy
throned guy of wands - air of fire:
Energy like a fire fed by wind

guy-on-a-horse of cups - fire of water
Energy like a sudden rain or flash flood

It's a lot easier for me to think of people who act like flash floods, volcanos, calm lakes, etc.
So in concrete terms it might be:
throned guy of wands: this is when your boss gets angry because something is late but what's really bugging him is something else so he just rages for a while but there really isn't much in it and it burns itself out quickly.

horse-guy of cups: passionate attraction to a person, or idea, that comes on quickly and sweeps away every obstacle. He suddenly decides he loves the look of English country houses and insists on redecorating the entire condo in spite of the facts that he's just spent $$$$ on an industrial Bauhaus look and tiny apartments don't make convincing English country houses.

Thank you all for answering. I'm looking over the list from Angeles Arrien (thanks Keigh!) and I'm going to write concrete examples of each one for my journal. Somehow that is the only way I can get a basic understanding of these people.
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