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Many thanks to jmd and MeeWah, for providing much food for thought.

jmd, as a practical matter, how do you handle reversals in those decks in which some cards look the same upright and reversed? For example, in the Marseille deck currently sold by USGames, many of the Wands cards in particular are the same upright and reversed. Do you mark the cards, or just not read reversals with those cards which can't be distinguished?

MeeWah, I was interested in what you said about correlating the number cards to the Majors. Do you mean that you take the entire meaning from the Majors, or do you have separate numerological meanings for the numbers, and just bring in considerations of the corresponding Major for a nuance? There are some systems which take the number meanings entirely from the Majors, for example Rolla Nordic's book did this, and by extension the book Classic Tarot Spreads by her student, Konraad Sandor. Also, the Voyager deck (an illustrated-Minor deck) derives the pip card meanings from the corresponding Majors.

Regarding jmd's fascinating analogy of a layout being like a sentence, this leads me to wonder if layouts that don't have specific meanings for each position might be better suited for pip-deck readings, so that a pip card could be looked at perhaps more like a modifier of an adjacent Major or Court card, rather than have to bear the weight of a position meaning like "the root of the question."

-- Lee
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