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The Moon, cont'd.

Hey Bodhran!

You're right....many of the books I've read, including Rachel Pollack's, indicate that the crustacean is "information" coming back from subconscious to consciousness. Rachel says (from "Seventy-Eight Degrees Of Wisdom"): "The Moon is the card of the imagination as it moulds (sic) the energy of The Star into shapes the consciousness can comprehend." I just saw it as having that odd "we came from the sea" (amoebas, single-celled organisms...primal-features and drives to survive) reference....and it seemed to fit with the idea that a domesticated dog (trained by society?) can still have its primal urges surface from time to time.

Of course, thinking back...I really didn't explain the wolf's behavior IF it is sitting quietly. I do believe it is sitting, but its mouth is open...teeth can be seen (bared?), but it appears it is not as actively barking/baying at the moon. This might mean that The Moon has "odd effects" on behavior (in general; i.e., a domesticated being could get wild and a seemingly wild being could be more reserved/tame for the time being....odd effects of the Moon???).

Another thing that I've been trying to figure out is...the shapes at the water's edge on either side of the path; on the left (dog's side) there are some "tooth" like, black protrusions from the ground. On the right side (wolf) there is something beyond the pile of rocks which looks like a spade. The latter COULD be an arrow (I've seen some arrows in other cards), but where is it pointing? Both the tooth-like protrusions and the spade seem to be curved toward the right side of the card (wolf's side).

Anyway, I was thinking yesterday (after writing my email to my friend) that when I write and try to explain the cards to my friends....all of a sudden, new things occur/appear to me...and I find myself feeling more understanding of a card. I guess that's why "journaling" is a good idea!
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