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In David Allen Hulse book 'New Dimensions for the Cube of Space' he uses the BOTA Tarot and describes the smaller stars as the 7 lesser stars, he links them to planets and chakras:

*Lower left Star - Base Chakra - Perineum- Saturn - Lead
*Upper Left Sar - Second Chakra - Genitals - Mars
*Lower Right Star - Third Chakra - Solar Chakra - Jupiter - Tin
*Middle Left Star - Fourth Chakra - Heart - Sun - Gold
*Upper Right Star - Fifth Chakra - Throat - Venus - Copper
*Middle Right Star - Sixth Chakra - 3rd Eye - Moon - Silver
*Tiny Star just above the lady's head - Seventh Chakra - Crown - Mercury - Quicksilver
* 'Eighth great yellow star is the light of spirit whose radiance illuminates the seven lesser stars.

Hope this helps
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