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Originally Posted by Leisa
The High Priestess begins the alchemical process called dissolution, in which the prima materia, symbolized by the Magician, is dissolved and separated into its four elements, water (the High Priestess, feminine/soul), earth (the Empress, body), air (the Emperor, spirit/mind), and fire (the Hierophant, masculine soul).
Before I begin on this card, I just need to say that the paragraph above has had an enormous impact on how I view the major arcana. I just love the way he corresponds these four cards to the four elements.

Now, on the High Priestess... When I first saw this card I wasn't sure I liked how far away she was, I wanted to see more of her face. I began to realise that this was a wonderful way of representing the High Priestess, kind of unaccessible, not easy to see, kind of drawing you towards her. I love that she is surrounded by water. I also like that she holds her book (her secrets) close to her chest. The answers to the mysteries are not obvious, it will take time to unlock them.

I think the Queen of Vessels in this deck is quite similar in some of the symbolism and is perhaps a personification of the High Priestess (but that's a discussion for another thread )

I really do feel like this card draws you in. It's as if she's beckoning me to follow her into the water.
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