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Originally Posted by Good.juju View Post
I'm still pretty new to tarot (under a year) and I have passion for it now. I'd love to learn and grow my understanding as well as intuition. I'd love to hear what everyone's favorite classes, books, and any other resources may be.
Hands down AT! I can't begin to tell you how much I have learned and shared here over the years. Absolutely one of the best resources available.

But next to that, the book that helped me most when learning was definitely this one:

A Magical Course in Tarot: Reading the Cards in a Whole New Way
by Michele Morgan

And another great one when learning, for me, was:

Tarot for Self Discovery
by Nina Lee Braden and Mary K. Greer

The first taught me more about my intuition and how to use it. The second freed me to think outside the box with my cards.

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