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Originally Posted by GoddessArtemis
I get this card a lot for how someone feels about me. I don't quite understand Pentacles in romantic scenarios, aside from the earthy, dependable, physical aspects of things.

So what could 3 of Pentacles mean as feelings?
Well, let's take a look at it as not-feelings and see if we can translate it. Classic Rider-Waite has this as the craftsman's card. It indicates someone who has no real money of their own to finish a project, but is working hard and carefully to gain approval from those who do have money to finance him.

I would translate this to mean that this person feels that they have to work hard to gain attention and approval from you. They feel that you have power and they do not. They're working on impressing you. Given that it's pentacles, they may be doing this by earning money or making something, or improving how they look (working out, dressing up).

As you got this card, they must feel that they're close to getting what they want from you. And they must also feel that whatever you're going to give them in return is worth the effort.

Does that make sense?
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