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Goal for 2017

As some might have noticed, I finished the Major Arcana a few hours before midnight on December 31. When I started to write down my progression, I saw that I was doing 5 cards per month, no more, no less. December has been an exception with 7 cards since I wanted to be done with the Major Arcana in time for the new year.

This leaves me with 56 cards for 2017, so a bit more than a card per week. I think it should go well and if life doesn't get in the way I might be done way before the end of this year. But I still give myself the whole 2017 just in case

I shall resume the study as soon as life will have settled back to normal (I have quite a hectic year start).

Now onto the Minor Arcana study :

I decided to study all clans/suits at the same time. Meaning I will do all Aces first, one after the other, then go on with the 2s of each clan, etc. I can't exactly explain why, but I feel like doing it this way.

I will also start a new thread for comparisons purposes. I already have an idea of what I have to say about the Aces and it will be useful to have a thread where I can point out the similarities/differences I found when studying them. I'm pretty sure it will be useful again in the future for anybody wishes to make a comparison or statement regarding the relationship between some cards.

Of course anybody is welcome to join me in the adventure, I'm always open to discussion and new perspectives on the cards! I love this deck more than ever!
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