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not anyone's fool

Our Mythic study group is working on that version of the Fool, so I think I'm very influenced by that image as well as the classic RWS and Thoth versions. As part of the study group, I've read most of the threads on this board dealing with the image. My bottom line on the Gilded version is that this Fool has moved on in terms of symbolism. He is, as it were, a 21st century Fool, not the turn of the 20th century versions epitomized by RWS and Thoth.

I feel this is a much wiser Fool. He is buff. Look at those great legs!! Snazzy outfit too. He is not the Thoth Fool with a silly look facing you among whirls of symbols he probably doesn't understand. Nor is he the RWS guy about to step off the cliff because he's too much of an airhead to look where he's going.

The Gilded Fool is playful, but check out what he's playing with....the entire zodiac.....another of the great symbol sets. I think I'm being told that I'm about to be guided along interesting paths while this set of cards (the rest of the Fool's journey) is going to make the same type of caustic comments the-Fool-as-Courtier would have made to his royal audience. I know from the fool's mask that I will not be told all at first. I will need to move past the mask to the interior of the cards.

This Fool makes me feel special. He invites me to the grand spectacle of life and the Tarot deck to come. He has his tongue firmly in his cheek and his feet carefully planted in the air. He is young, vibrant and in charge of this deck as other fools aren't.

He's like a lot like my 27 year old son and other the brats he hangs around with who are occasionally.....only occasionally......way smarter than I am. I'm thinking maybe this deck will be a challenge in terms of reading.
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