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The Deck that will Remind You

Is there a deck that you will ever after primarily associate with AT?

For good or ill?

I don't necessarily mean your favourite decks, rather decks that remind you of particular threads or members or recurring themes.

I will always associate the Tarot of Vampyres with AT - those lush and provocative descriptions that lured us to buy, followed - so it seemed - with disappointment (not for me, btw, I liked mine very much!).

Also the Robin Wood - I remember a thread (maybe more than one?) that listed its faults and failings to the nth degree (ballet shoes, bananas, happy smiley people) and others singing its praises. Someone - I think it was kiama (??) said that her customers liked it and that mattered, which made an impression upon me and encouraged me to use it for public readings more.
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