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There are several decks that I associate with AT, actually most of my decks I more or less associate with AT since at some point or other I have either read about them or mentioned them here.

So I will only name three that for me, really stand out for specific reasons :

- the Mermaid tarot by Dame Darcy.

I have had the deck for a while when I read a lengthy thread about possible plagiarism here on AT. I was a lurker at the time, not registered. I admit that some things that I read in that thread did put me off AT for a while.... not that I consider plagiarism lightly, but I do not consider lightly internet bashing either, and some posts in that specific thread did put me very ill at ease. I have read a lot about this deck and the controversy around it, both here on AT and on several other places on the net. While it is certainly a possibility that someone has done plagiat, as far as I know it is only a possibility and nothing proves it, and we are not sure about who would have done it, if anyone. I have never read anywhere anything that proved 100% that the accusations against DD were proven, eventhough it is true that apparences were not in her favour.... If anything is proven, I am not aware of it. So I like to give the benefit of the doubt, in such occasions. I do think that there are also several possible explanations to the situation, some of which implying nothing illegal nor moraly suspect, and they have not been extansively discussed - when they have, some people were prompt to shoo them away... So I just like to consider that I do not know what happened exactly. I am totally open to people expressing their view and sentiment about a situation, but really, a good few of the posts in that thread went beyond just expressing personal views and sentiments.
I am not meaning to accuse anybody who wrote in that thread either. This is really not my intention. I understand that we can write in the heat of the moment, and of course we can have hot feelings about any subject, that is absolutely normal. If anything, I am now grateful for this thread and all its contributors, because it enabled me to reflect on things. And by the way, many of the posts in that thread were also very interesting, moderate and balanced, I learnt a lot from them.

Anyway, I do have this deck and like it a lot. I think of this specific thread when I use it, and I am also thankfull for this thread hfor what it has tought me ; it made me reflect on many issues like plagiat, moral discussion, copyright laws all over the world, the differences between apparences and proofs, public bashing, my personal take on whatever it is ok to write on public internet.... and many other things.

- The Greenwood tarot

I do not have this deck. But, reading about it here, seing images.... I have learnt to appreciate and respect the Greenwood by reading about it here, and eventhough I have never seen it in person, and do not think that I will ever have it (it seems to be utterly expensive, really more than I would be willing to pay for a deck), I will always have a soft spot for this deck.
Furthermore, reading about the Greenwood here has helped me understand more my Wildwood tarot (of wich I have the french version : Tarot de la Forêt Enchantée). When I first bought the Wildwood I was not really thrilled with it, but reading about the Greenwood has helped me appreciate my Wildwood.

- The Oriental tarot by Foudraz

This marseille style deck is a little beauty with its delicate watercolors. I will always cherish it, and it will always be associated with AT in my heart, and more specifically with the Deck of The Week thread that I have had so much pleasure in taking part in. Because the Oriental tarot as come into my life as a very unexpected gift from a fellow member of AT and of DOTW thread. One very appreciated and unexpected gift that I cherish a lot. You know who you are if you are reading this post, and I thank you with all the warmth I feel
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