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What! Some people don't use a significator!
*Falls down in amazement*

Right, now I've picked myself up, here's my CC!


Does that look ok?
1) Significator! YEAH!
2) Crossing card - What's stopping the querent getting what they want (BOO!)
3) Crowning card - What's obviously influencing the situation
4) Any hidden influences
5) Recent past
6) Near future
7) Where the querent will soon find him/herself
8) Views of others - what other people really think of this person and why the situation has been allowed to continue. Or why this person isn't getting the advice/help they need. I'm sure there's a quicker way of phrasing that but I know what I mean!
9) Hopes & Fears (Often what we most want is what we fear the most. In my case anyway)!
10) Outcome if querent continues on this path. (Well, I'ma great believer in making my own fate).

Works for me anyway. Funny how some CC's just don't 'feel' right but this is the one for me!
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