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Hanson Roberts 7 of Cups

An old magician (Merlin-Gandalf like) stares at 7 cups floating in the sky, the old man and the cups seem to be among clouds, those clouds have violet colored shades, violet color has been related to spirituality so I think in this card we are asked to look beyond the content of the cups to find spiritual growth.

The seven cups contents are:
  • 5 pointed stars coming out the cup
  • A Castle
  • A rainbow in a small cloud
  • An Octopus (representing the sea monsters feared in middle ages?)
  • A Dragon
  • Jewels and a crown
  • A Faery (The forces of the nature?)

This card is full of magic and magical creatures an one of my favorites of this deck, as for the old man... is he deciding what cup to take or is he concentrated to create the 7 cups ilusion?
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