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I always thought this card was enchanting, too. But it does have to be interpreted as enchantED--an illusion of happiness. I relate this to all the things we want that we think will make us happy (yes, including tarot cards and books!), but they don't bring true happiness. They are distractions to the really important things in life. A new 7 of cups card would be the 7 cups all filled with different kinds of candy. Even if we ate up all 7 cups of candy, that wouldn't make us happy. It would probably make us sick! In the Arthurian/Hallowquest deck, this card is a beautiful welcoming fairy castle (hey, fairies and castle!), but reflected in the pond at the foot of the wall is the truth, it is really just a grassy hill. The castle is just a pretty fairy illusion.

Thanks for the cool symbol analysis. It really helps put your finger on just what that tricky magician is offering.
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